Happy Lotus Yoga

Welcome! My mission is to share with our community - local and beyond, a complete yoga practice so that they may live happier, healthier, more peaceful lives.
Class Offerings


Yoga has SO many styles and flavors… and while we could never get to them all- we sure are going to try! We promise to offer traditional and non-traditional classes to provide a little something for everyone! You will find us flowing to all types of music as well- from deep house to classic rock and beyond!

Warm Vinyasa Yoga

Hatha/Ashtanga style flow in a heated room. Flows are slower, poses are longer, stretches are deeper! You WILL SWEAT profusely! Please bring extra water! We recommend an extra towel (or 2, depending on your sweaty-ness!). Please consult your physician for clearance prior to attending your first warm/hot yoga class.


Rockout for a workout! Pound is a combination of cardio and drums that is so fun, you don’t even realize you’re getting a kick-ass workout! If you’re new to Pound, visit poundfit.com/about to learn more, then come see us for a class! Ripstix provided!


Bea is phenomenal. She takes you on a journey and you feel so accomplished by the end of it. She got me addicted to the bike 😊😊😊

This is way more than just a spin class! Five minutes in, Bea will captivate you through the rhythm of the beat. In 10 minutes, an adrenalin rush of the heart and in 15 minutes she will open your mind to self-growth. You will be HOOKED after that first class!

You make riding so fun and upbeat but at the same time a bloody hard workout. The time just passes by. You are a brilliantly motivating and enthusiastic instructor 🔥🔥

You are seriously phenomenal! Loved today so much. You’re a legend to push us hard and always helping us grow and become better and stronger. I was on such a high all day!

Thank you so much for the vibes this morning and always. I’ve never really found a workout spot to call home, but your classes became such a safe and happy place for me and I loved every second sweating away on the bike. You are the queen of vibes.

Thanks for being so inspiring and bringing an amazing energy and beats to every class. You’re a big reason why we got addicted to the bike.

You’re such a talented instructor! Your voice and those moves. So grateful to have been taught by you. 💖  

Meet Jami

Jami is a native Floridian born and raised right here in FM. She began her yoga practice with Steve Ross from Inhale via the Oxygen channel during a couple of freezing cold winters she spent in northern NH in the early 2000’s. She fell in love with his practice and theories and has been practicing yoga ever since then. Jami also spent some time practicing at the Wilmington Yoga Center in Wilmington, NC. It was her experience there that led her to the decision to one day open her own studio and share yoga with her community and the world.

Jami has spent the better part of the last 12 years in Emergency nursing and is very excited to finally be on the proactive side of health and well-being and to help people learn how to live happier lives through a complete yoga practice. Jami has completed Yogamu’s Bhakti Shala 200 Hr yoga teacher certification program (awaiting completion certificate) and is certified by POUND as a POUND Pro.

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